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A good website for information on hearing loss, deafness and ear infections including links and other resources for related information.

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A great visual and practical aid for parents and families of babies recently diagnosed with hearing loss. Helpful in understanding the steps from hearing screening to diagnosis evaluation to early intervention.

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One of the best websites to learn information about early hearing detection and intervention.

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Communicate With Your Child

A great website for parents and families who have any questions about newborn hearing screening and hearing loss including why babies receive a hearing screen, what to do if your baby does not pass his/her hearing screening test, and what to do if you think your child may have a hearing loss.

Another good visual for families of children with hearing loss--it shows the process of determining if a child has a hearing loss and the steps to take once a hearing loss is diagnosed. This roadmap is interactive and provides resources for the various steps along the way.

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The PEAL Center provides information, training and technical assistance to families of children with special health care needs in PA.

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Parent to Parent of Pennsylvania

Parent support for children with special needs provided by parents of children with special needs.

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Parent Education Network (PEN)

PEN is a coalition of professionals and parents of children representing a range of disabilities and ages who are committed to serving parents of all special needs children from birth to adulthood.

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Guide By Your Side of Pennsylvania

Hands and Voices Guide By Your Side of Pennsylvania (GBYS) is dedicated to supporting families and their infants and toddlers who are newly identified with hearing loss by offering them an opportunity to talk or meet face-to-face with a Parent Guide, a trained parent of a deaf/hard of hearing child, who can provide assistance using their personal experience and knowledge.

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Beginnings for Parents of Children Who are Deaf of Hard of Hearing provides support and information in an impartial manner to parents of deaf or hard of hearing children and to professionals. Information includes communication options, technology choices and school issues.

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The Newborn Hearing Screening and Intervention Program of the PA Department of Health (PA DOH) works with physicians to ensure that babies receive a hearing screening no later than 1 month of age and that babies who do not pass their hearing screening receive a diagnostic evaluation by an audiologist no later than 3 months of age.

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