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Early Intervention consists of services and supports for infants, toddlers, and preschool children who have special needs due to developmental delays or disabilities, such as a hearing loss. Early Intervention also provides support services to families that help them learn how to develop their child’s potential.

What is the cost of Early Intervention services?
Early Intervention services and supports are provided at no cost to families.
What services does Early Intervention provide?
The Early Intervention services provided are based on each child’s needs with the goal of enhancing the child’s growing and learning. These services can include:

• Information on how children develop
• Parent/caregiver education
• Support services and developmental therapies that assist in a child’s development

• Ideas for how the family can help their child at home and in the community
• Assistance to early childhood staff with strategies to promote a child’s potential if a child is attending an early care or education setting
• Linking families to a variety of community services and supports
Where do families receive Early Intervention services?
Early Intervention supports and services are provided in the child’s home and in community settings such as child care center, nursery school, play group, and/or Head Start program.
Who should parents contact to see if their child is eligible for Early Intervention services?
Call the CONNECT Helpline at 1-800-692-7288 (or go to www.connectpa.net) for information about Early Intervention services or if you have questions about your child’s development and specific disabilities.

Parents may also talk with their family physician or health care provider, school district, intermediate unit, or county Early Intervention program about Early Intervention services.
Additional information can be found in the Early Intervention section of the Resource Center.
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Hearing screening test for all babies no later than 1 month of age


Diagnostic evaluation by an audiologist no later than 3 months of age if baby did not pass hearing screening test


Early intervention no later than 6 months of age if baby is diagnosed with a hearing loss