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If a newborn does not pass his/her hearing screening, is it acceptable to repeat the screening more than one time?

If a newborn does not pass the screening, it is acceptable to repeat the screening one time during the same session using the same technology, especially in those cases when the recording conditions were not optimal either due to timing, noise conditions, or state of the newborn.

  • Multiple screenings (greater than two times) during one session using the same technology are not recommended in order to avoid getting a false 'pass' result.
  • A newborn should not be screened with a second session on the same day. However, it is acceptable to have a second hearing screening session on another day before discharge. Screenings should be limited to two sessions per newborn.
  • Screening results at individual frequencies should never be combined across screening sessions in order to obtain a 'pass' result.
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The Newborn Hearing Screening and Intervention Program of the PA Department of Health (PA DOH) works with birth facilities to ensure that all newborns receive a hearing screening no later than 1 month of age. Birth facilities report newborns who did not pass their hearing screening or did not receive a newborn hearing screening to PA DOH for follow-up. Birth facilities also report newborn hearing screening results to the baby’s primary care physician for follow-up.

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