Birth Facilities

What is the responsibility of the birth facility to communicate newborn hearing screening results to primary care providers?

The primary care provider is to be notified of the results of the newborn hearing screening.

The birth facility must notify the primary care provider via newborn summary, discharge summary sheet, letter or other specific written means that the newborn passed, did not pass or missed the hearing screening, that the screening results were incomplete, or that a repeat screening or referral for diagnostic audiologic evaluation by an audiologist is needed.

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The Newborn Hearing Screening and Intervention Program of the PA Department of Health (PA DOH) works with birth facilities to ensure that all newborns receive a hearing screening no later than 1 month of age. Birth facilities report newborns who did not pass their hearing screening or did not receive a newborn hearing screening to PA DOH for follow-up. Birth facilities also report newborn hearing screening results to the baby’s primary care physician for follow-up.

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